"Randal is one of those rare individuals who is both an excellent attorney and an even better person.
He quickly and efficiently responds to his clients' needs, and makes them feel like their issues are his top priority.
I recommend him without hesitation or caveat."
– Peer Review

Evans Law PLC provides relevant, effective, and practical solutions to meet the unique business
and tax law needs of innovating organizations.

Legal Solutions for Innovating
21st Century Organizations

“Randy is honest, trustworthy, loyal, and highly intelligent. The experience was excellent.
My dealing with the Evans Law firm have been top notch.”
Verified Client Review

We’re committed to providing clients with legal tools and business solutions
needed to thrive in today’s environment of rapid and relentless change.

Practical Solutions

“I've worked with Mr. Evans since 1999 and have always known him to
exhibit the most cautious high judgment and character.”
– Peer Review

Our collaborative approach combines professional and personal experience with an in-depth understanding
of the law to help clients make informed choices and develop effective solutions.

Collaborative Approach

Welcome to our firm!

Evans Law PLC, the law firm of Randal T. Evans, delivers focused, effective, and practical business and tax law solutions for innovating organizations. Randal has extensive experience working with the legal needs of nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations, closely-held businesses, and social enterprises. Randal also works with organizations to implement effective governance solutions. He advises and represents clients with passion, patience, and a keen interest in helping them achieve measurable real-world results. With over 20 years of experience helping organizations with their unique business and tax law needs, Randal confidently delivers insights and solutions custom-tailored to each client’s needs.

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