"Randal is one of those rare individuals who is both an excellent attorney and an even better person.
He quickly and efficiently responds to his clients' needs, and makes them feel like their issues are his
top priority. I recommend him without hesitation or caveat."
– Peer Review

Our COLLABORATIVE approach combines professional and personal experience with
an in-depth understanding of the law to help clients make informed choices and
develop effective solutions.


“I've worked with Mr. Evans since 1999 and have always known him to exhibit the most cautious
high judgment and character.”
– Peer Review

Our CLIENT-FOCUSED approach seeks to advance
your mission, your goals, and your success.


“Mr. Evans is an outstanding lawyer, and the best I have ever encountered in his area of special expertise.” – Peer Review

Our SOLUTIONS-FOCUSED approach opens up sophisticated, innovative,
and workable solutions for clients, enabling them to fully commit to a
chosen course of action with resoluteness, confidence, and assurance.

Workable Solutions